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UME in promoting academic excellence gives award to students from Mkpat Enin who have excelled in their studies especially at the primary and secondary school levels.

UME engages public office seekers and occupiers from the local government on the need to prioritise the development of primary and secondary education in their community empowerment programmes


The scheme is an interventionist programme designed to augment the short-fall in teachers and teaching aids in schools in the community. It comprises of unemployed graduates from the local government and undergraduates from the state university in the community who are willing to commit their time to teaching in public primary and secondary schools in the community.

The scheme organizes preparatory classes, after school classes, debating and spelling competitions all geared towards uplifting the standard of education in our community and enhancing the admission chances of our indigenes in the university the government has been magnanimous to cite in our community.

This is a package that enables a sponsor pick a school of his or her choice out of the forty eight (48) primary and twenty seven (27) secondary schools in the local government to execute a project.

The sponsor in collaboration with UME executes his or her dream project in that school. The project is initiated by the sponsor while UME Supervises and ensures it is put to proper use. It crates an avenue where ex-students can give back to their alma-mata.

Education to us is the fastest and most assured part to development. As a group we are bent on giving our people a voice and opportunity for self actualization by pulling them out of the shackles of illiteracy and ignorance.

We seek the expansion of the frontiers of education in our community to include adult education. We want to see more teachers especially in the core subjects posted to our primary and secondary schools along with teaching aids.


Education and Economic empowerment are the two pronged approach through which our vision is realized. In UME, we have come to terms with the fact that government cannot single handedly do everything for us. There are so many programmes and projects competing for scarce resources from the state government. A paradigm shift has been developed anchored on assisting authorities through our inputs to achieve development for our community.

Recent Outing


Ndambed is the economic empowerment pedestal of Uyio Mkpat Enin in giving our people  voice.
We recognize that a poor and economically incapacitated person cannot have a say on issues that affects him or her. To address this, UME has initiated the Ndambed Community Empowerment (NCE) programme .
Under this programme, UME will  collaborate with resource persons to offer trainings in the following areas;-

Agro Consultancy
Crop Production
Snail Production
Rabbit Rearing
Poultry farming
Food Processing
Food snacks (puff puff, meat pie, egg roll, cake etc).
Hair dressing
Soup making
Perfume and cream
Bleach making etc

The target of UME is to produce 10-17 beneficiaries of the Ndambed programme from each of the 87 villages in the next four years. That would translate to about a thousand five hundred beneficiaries.

The trainees are expected to access loans from crystal micro finance company who are our financial advisers and partners. The loan which is revolving is guaranteed by the coordinator of UME in the village of the applicant and any of the following:-

The village head
The family head
The woman leader
The Youth President


The commercial activity of the people of Mkpat Enin centres a great deal on buying and selling. Our Ndambed programme takes cognizance of this. Urua  Ukam is therefore pivotal to the success of any long term sustainable empowerment programme.

The market currently, is seriously begging for attention. During rainy  seasons, the market in its  deplorable state becomes worst. The  refurbishing of Urua Ukam will help in no small measure in enhancing economic and commercial activity and most especially further boost their undying love for the Governor and this government now and in posterity.