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The group Uyio Mkpat Enin (UME) is a community development platform conveyed as a vehicle to advance and promote the course of development in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area.
To seek responsible, responsive and good governance from those saddled with the responsibility of administering the local government. And more importantly, contribute towards a better Mkpat Enin.
UME is registered with the Bureau of rural development and cooperatives.


Education and Economic empowerment are the two pronged approach through which our vision is realized.
In UME, we have come to terms with the fact that government cannot single handedly do everything for us. There are so many programmes and projects competing for scarce resources from the state government.
A paradigm shift has been developed anchored on assisting authorities through our inputs to achieve development for our community.


UME is an organization  made up of men and women of good will from the  villages that makes up Mkpat Enin local government. These are people who want to have a voice and a say on issues that affects them and their community. Men and Women who want to take their destinies in their hands and chart a progressive part for themselves.

UME is made up of indigenes of Mkpat Enin who are tried of the old order of being exploited and discarded by self seeking political gladiators.

Politicians who come around once every four years to make utopian promises and ride on our collective intelligence to political office and thereafter turn their backs on us. In order to be a formidable group with a resounding voice, UME has membership drawn from the 113 units, 87 villages,14 wards and 4 clans in Mkpat Enin.

We have created a platform that challenges the status quo and serves as a vehicle for the actualization of the dreams of our people. The only qualification for membership of this group is being an indigene or married into Mkpat Enin with  passion for development.


Making an impact in the community since 2017.

UME engages public office seekers and occupiers from the local government on the need to prioritise the development of primary and secondary education in their community empowerment programmes.